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Tvorba web stránok
Tvorba web stránok
Tvorba web stránok
Tvorba web stránok

Each website reflects the company and its individuality. That’s why we make sure that we build on the quality of the resulting product and make it as close as possible to the customer’s ideas.

In our team you will find web-designers with many years of experience. Each project is firstly consulted with the customer and after that we propose optimal tailor-made solutions.

We take care to ensure that our customers receive fast and high-standard services throughout the entire website development. Consultations are conducted in our office or online via emails.




Business website

The best tool to promote your business or services is an informative website. A well-crafted website can quickly and efficiently describe your activity, experience and benefits, that you have to offer.


Blog or Magazine

Do you enjoy writing and would you like to share your ideas, insights or improve the position of a business website in search engines with new content? Webpress is created with a pursue for your desires. We can create a professional magazine for a reasonable price.


Professional e-shop

Annually, around one billion euros worth of goods is being sold in Slovakia. E-shop belongs to a modern selling tool. It does not bind you to any place and it sells 24 hours a day. We create professional looking and functional e-shops according to the customer’s preference.


Responsive design

According to our experience, up to 70% of people browse web pages through mobile devices. Therefore, any website, e-shop or blog is precisely adjusted for all screen sizes. We’re trying to make our customers comfortable in trying to find what they are searching for in the shortest amount of time.


Move your business forward. Nowadays, if you’re not online, it’s like you don’t exist. Be closer to your customer than ever before and offer information or products 24 hours a day. Your website will work for you. We will create an e-shop, an information website or a magazine / blog according to your desires and our online marketing experience.






Professional solution for e-shops built on WordPress

Payment gateways

Billing system

Multiple currencies (€, $)

Advanced product options


Professional solution for blogs and websites with wide options


Optimized for Google

Tailored Design

Possibility to add multiple languages

What is WordPress?

CMS (Content Management System) WordPress offers unprecedented options. Whether it’s a website or an e-shop with a wide range of options and functionalities. The system was created in 2004. Since then, it has undergone great changes and found favour with millions of programmers and designers.

WordPress Usage

According to statistics today, over 30% of all Web sites on the Internet (Web Technology Surveys, 2019) run on WordPress. Small corporations are also used by small corporations. Thanks to its versatility and popularity, it receives regular updates and enhancements to help your website stay up-to-date and progress.

E-shop on WordPress

If you need an e-shop, we have the perfect solution for you. Woocommerce is a WordPress extension that transforms a simple web site into an e-shop. It is among the top tools and options of payment gateways, invoice generation, product variation, multiple names or languages. It also supports many expansion modules that deliver almost unlimited possibilities.

WordPress Advantages:

  • Webpage creation on the most popular CMS in the world.
  • Thanks to its popularity, it has a large community of developers, so it is constantly updating and improving.
  •  A large number of extensions that will give your website a lot of functionality in a short time and at a low price.
  • Security on a high level, including frequent security updates.
  • The system is intuitive and therefore its management is fast and the content or products can be added by less technically savvy users.
  • Fast webpage loading.
  • It offers quality SEO tools to improve search engine rankings such as Google.
  • Thanks to WordPress, we can focus on design, which will improve website performance. At the same time it saves time and money in its creation.



1. Preparation of materials

Web site creation begins with a personal interview. We meet with the customer, ask for text and picture materials. The customer will tell us the destination of the website and the design idea.

2. Web design

Once all the materials are received, we go into the actual creation of the website. The length of this section depends on the difficulty and size of the project. This is usually within a few weeks. The design consists of the following points:

  • An analysis, and a rough sketch of the design to make the website clear and impressive.
  • Website design itself.
  • Optimization for mobile devices.

At this stage, the design is ready to start.

3. Submitting a suggestion

Upon completion of the design, we send a reminder to our customer. In this step, we strive to bring the customer’s ideas as close as possible. Of course there is guidance throughout the process to make the website as efficient as possible.

4. Website optimization

A very important aspect is the placement of your website in google, bing, and so on. These search engines look closely at your website. Emphasis is placed on texts, images, security and speed. We’re trying to master each of these elements to come out in the highest possible level.

5. Delivery and training

After the optimization, the website is running and the owner is being trained to manage simple elements in its own direction. As a matter of fact, technical support and the ability to add additional functionality to a website is also available.



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